Chruthaich Clas 6,7 filmaichean air Zoetropes a’cleachdadh na sgilean làimhe agus planadh cruthaichail aca. Cuideachd tha iad air a bhith sgrìobhadh scriobtaichean airson a’phrogram Ghàidhlig Aileag. Bidh iad ag innse mu dhèidhinn iad fhèin, an sgoil agus a’clàradh Cl.1,2,3 cuideachd.Cuiridh sinn fios dhuibh uile nuair a tha iad dol a bhith air.

P6,7 made Zoetropes to make small moving images. They used their planning and creativity to attempt to make animations that worked effectively in the Zoetropes.

P6,7 have also been working on writing scripts for their spoken pieces when they appear on the Gaelic Children’s Radio programme ‘Aileag’. They will telling about themselves and the school.They will also be recording P1,2 and 3 for the programme. We will let you know the day and the time they will be on in future weeks.

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