Obair a’Chlas!


As aonais Feasgar Fosgailte airson na Pàrantan an drasta seo bhideo a’sealltainn cuid de’n rudan a tha sinn a’dèanamh sa chlas. Tha a’chlann as òga ag obair air fuaimean, Cl.2 air faclan litreachaidh ‘ao’ agus Cl.3 air seantansan le faclan ‘ao’. Tha Cl 6,7 feuchainn ri sgeulachdan mac-meanmnail a chruthachadh stèidhte air sgeulachd Icarus.Chì sibh cuideachd a’chlann as òga ag obair le àireamhan agus a’chlann as sinne ag obair air bloighean co-ionnan.

Without a Parents’ Open Afternoon due to Coronavirus restrictions here is a video showing some of the things the class is working on just now. You will see P1 working on their sounds, P2 on ‘ao’ words and P3 on sentences with ‘ao’ words. P6,7 are working on an imaginative story based on the tale of Icarus. You will see the younger members of the class working with numbers and P6,7 working on equivalent fractions and the 8 times table. There is also some shadow puppetry in science with Mrs Mann .

One thought on “Obair a’Chlas!

  1. Absolutely fantastic to see our children in their school environment and how they are getting on with learning and speaking Gaelic. They are also having a lot of fun. Thank you.


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