Presentation to Care Centre

Abair thusa gun robh feasgar air leth againn an diugh. Chaidh sinn a thoirt na tiodhlacan a fhuair sinn leis an airgead bhon GMTs dhan Dachaigh Cùram. Bha e cho laghach a’chlann fhaicinn cho toilichte agus las aodannan na seann dhaoine nuair a chunnaic iad an clas agus na rudan snog a cheannaich iad.

The children presented the Amazon Alexa and DAB radio they bought using the funds from their GMT social enterprise to the care centre users today. It was fabulous to be able to see everyone again and spread some cheer. The care centre were delighted with these and hope to enable some of the users to connect with family abroad and be able to see them after long spells apart. Their new tea room is looking very welcoming.

A big well done to all the children in the Gaelic class! Keep an eye on the Courier too as we may just be famous!

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